Upcoming Retreats at Hotel Horizon:

Yoga retreats on Costa Rica's most famous beaches


May 27th - June 1st

Olga Lingard - Yoga & Surf Retreat, "We are not a drop in the ocean, we are the entire ocean in a drop"

Through the combination of yoga and surfing we make the connection to understand how to flow and balance in the water and in life, understanding that as it is in one place is in the other, we are part of the whole and understanding the processes of nature we understand our being as part of a connected universe.


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Yoga Retreats at Hotel Horizon

Get pampered on your Costa Rica vacation!

Everything will be ready for you when you arrive at our hotel. Daily schedule will be composed for you in advance so you can just let go and enjoy the ride. You can decide to go for one of our personal yoga retreats, or check out our upcoming group retreats above.

You will enjoy yoga lessons by our team of carefully chosen professionals. Experienced surf instructors will show you the way to the perfect wave ride. Health organic food and fresh smoothies await at our famous restaurant and Tea House. A variety of water and land activities is always available in Santa Teresa and surroundings. A therapeutic and relaxing massage treatment is just what you need to complete the joy ride!

If you are a retreat leader who seek to host an intimate retreat in paradise that is Santa Teresa, Costa Rica– contact us & we will be happy to fulfill your dream. [ See also: Retreat Group Hosting ]

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