Be welcome to explore your horizons on our panoramic ocean view yoga deck perched over the beach of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Anyone can practice yoga. The yoga postures or asanas exercise every part of the body, stretching and toning the muscles and joints, the spine and the entire skeletal system.

The asanas work not only on the body’s frame but on the internal organs, glands and nerves as well, keeping all systems in radiant health. Different asanas affect different areas of the body and mind.

As various parts of the body open up and come under your control, there is often a corresponding “opening up” of the personality, as well as a heightened awareness.

The practice of yogic breathing exercises, known as pranayama, revitalizes the body and helps to control the mind, leaving you feeling calm and refreshed, gives you the lovely present of clarity, mental power, and concentration.

Horizon Yoga Classes

Our daily yoga classes are instructed by professional teachers. We practice

Vinyasa Flow
Fussion Flow

All levels are welcome!
Special prenatal yoga classes and massages can also be coordinated in place

Rates for Yoga:

Single class – $15
4 classes pass – $50
8 classes pass – $80
15 classes pass – $120

Massage Treatments

Come and indulge yourself under the professional hands of
our therapists in our intimate ocean view rancho.

1 hour full body massage – $90
1.5 hour full body massage – $120

OUR Yoga instructors

Gali & Yoav

In 1998 they found yoga as a beautiful instrument to deepen their experience of life. In 2003 they completed their Teacher Training Course at the Sivananda ashram of Quebec. They have been teaching yoga in Santa Teresa Costa Rica since then. Interesting enough, if connecting the first syllables of their names, you’ll get – Yoga. Yoga means union. United in love and passion, they created Horizon Hotel & Yoga Center in 2005.


Jessica fell in love with her yoga practice after a move across the U.S. to San Diego, California. There, she began a daily practice, which slowly began to transform her body and mind into a space of clarity and peace. Wanting to dive deeper into this newly found consciousness, Jessica completed her 200-hour training at CorePower Yoga in Pacific Beach, CA. Inspired by the fact that her certification was recognized worldwide, she took off to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where she began to share her love for the practice. While in Costa Rica, she completed additional trainings at the Pavones Yoga Center, and is recognized as a 500-hour RYT by the Yoga Alliance. Jessica’s classes are inspired by the fluidity of the ocean & the freedom of her travels. Through breath-work, asana, and meditation her classes help us to put everything on hold and to connect more fully with our inner beings.


Malin blends her passion for music with a unique vinyasa practice. Her classes incorporate intelligent and invigorating sequencing, diverse music and calming energy. Through yoga, Malin brings forth the balancing medicine of movement and energetic alignment. She believes yoga creates an opportunity for empowerment that shows us the frequency of our awakened spirit. Malin holds a heartfelt passion to function in the greatest possible harmony with this beautiful home we call earth and all its beings.

Tyler -

Tyler is a Yoga and Pilates instructor whose passion lies in human connection and health; exploring the mind, body, soul, and spirit. She possesses a natural fluidity that helps you transcend your practice and push your limits. Her classes focus on Breath, stability, core strength, and both mental and physical awareness. Trained by Jared McCann and Rebecca Causey at Lighthouse Yoga School in New York, she is now based in Santa Teresa-Costa Rica, where she was able to reconnect with nature and fully express her spirituality.


A yoga teacher from California and currently based in Santa Teresa . After experiencing a major loss at a young age, she discovered the practice of yoga that served as a aid to cope with grief. While she fell deeper into both the spiritual and physical practice, she wanted to share the practice that continues to aid her trough the path of life. While teaching yoga , Joelle began the life of acrobatics and contortion that lead her the to find a passion for injury prevention and alignment based teaching. “My main goal is keep my students in the moment, to challenge them in a way they can push there limit mentality and physically but refrain from passing it.”

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