About Us

Horizon Yoav and Gali

Yoav & Gali, built the Horizon Hotel and opened its gates in 2005 in a mission of creating an oasis for your dream vacation. This is where beautiful, elegant & comfortable accommodation meets organic veggie super food and high level yoga classes. A satvic place of pure wild nature, where every stone, plant and animal can silently communicate its true essence to you. The better you.

A place to BE - Here and Now.

We traveled a lot and been in beautiful places, but Santa Teresa took our hearts in the second we felt the warm soft sand beneath our bare feet.

Yoav, an avid surfer, found paradise here – the most consistent wave, rolling to shore day by day. Santa Teresa beach breaks provide variety of waves for all levels of surfers.

Surfing Santa Teresa

It is a true bliss to combine the practice of yoga, where you learn how to really listen to your body, experiencing and improving its range of movement, with the dancing on water meditation - the art of surf. The surf in my life was always the fountain of intuitive knowledge. Beyond the intellect, your inner master speaks its wisdom. The surf, dancing with the second element, is the channel.

Practizing Yoga

Many yoga positions are great for balancing the surfing movements (and other water activities available in Santa Teresa) and its impact on the body. Yoga practice can bring you to the next level in concentration and presence – exactly what the ocean demands, and exactly what we are experts of, here in Horizon.


Shoulder Stand and Plow poses are of great therapeutic value to the upper back, neck and shoulders after a good surfing session!

Turn to a vacation mode

The organic food we prepare, true to the cause – boosting the level of your energy and health, is a blissful part of the experience of Horizon. From super foods as Chia, Cacao, Acai and Quinoa, through fresh organic fruits and veggies, delicious breads, fresh coconut water, smoothies, teas and coffee – it’s all real, life pulsing food!
Indulging with a professional deep tissue massage treatment by one of our carefully selected massage therapists is another well deserved gift you owe to yourself - body & mind! Horizon Hotel & Yoga Center became a known temple for all those who aspire to relax into the pacific vibes, exercise, eat good and explore around – ocean & land.

Turn to a vacation mode and come visit us at the BEACH of Santa Teresa, with warm crystal water and palms, green lush hills and white sands. So if you are planning your next Surf Trip, Yoga Vacation, Romantic Honeymoon, Family holiday or just a true GET AWAY - We are here for you!!!

Gali & Yoav.